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Polish folk art-inspired illustration for a London publication & exhibit.

Paper-cut style illustration inspired by “wycinanki” (vee-chee-non-kee), a traditional Polish folk art. 

I was invited to contribute to the second edition of the “If You Could...” book and exhibition, one of the creative projects of London art directors Will Hudson and Alex Bec (of It's Nice That fame). The illustration was my response to a question: “If you could do anything tomorrow, what would it be?”. 


If You Could... Issue 2

112 artists’ responses were selected for a hand-editioned publication. The book was launched along with an exhibition of the work at Exposure Gallery, London. In attendance was the cream of young London creatives and yes, my Mom who flew in from Poland!


Published in If You Could... by Alex Bec and Will Hudson, Issue 2 





Illustration: Agi Morawska

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