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Wine packaging for premiere wine from the Willamette Wineworks.

Natoma is a celebration of the town of Folsom, and its wine and railway heritage.


It's a boutique, hand-crafted wine, and the first local offering from the Willlamette Wineworks. Wineworks is a unique wine blending experience by the Willamette Valley Vineyards. The venue is located in the historic Folsom, CA city center, in the newly renovated Roundhouse building, which served as a locomotive repair station during gold rush.


Based on architect's renderings, an engraving of Roundhouse building was created by Andrey Kokorin. The design creates an immediate sense of place, expressing the wines local appellation and encouraging engagement and support for the local brand.



Willamette Valley Vineyards




Design & Creative Direction: Agi Morawska

Engraving: Andrey Kokorin

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