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Record cover design, merchandise and promotional materials for the second album from The Depreciation Guild. 

The second album from the Brooklyn group The Depreciation Guild, Spirit Youth, is a departure from the restrained 8-bit songs towards richer, dreamy, even melancholic arrangements. 


Design for the album reflects the transition of the music. I started with a drawing of a paper plane figure. The grid interpretation expresses the 8-bit DNA of the songs and gives the record a connection to the design of first album cover. There is still a sense of geometric order, but the grid elements start to break away and flow, creating figures and landscapes. The original drawing appears on the record label and the merchandise.

In addition to the vinyl record cover for Spirit Youth, I designed the CD release  (featuring a different color scheme),  merchandise and concert poster.

I  also designed record covers for the two 7" vinyl single releases, Blue Lily and Dream About Me.


The Depreciation Guild / Kanine Records


Packaging, Promotion, Merchandise


Design & Direction: Agi Morawska

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